The aspiration to "Go Green" is an instinctual and emotive one for many brands and the methods of branding has often been far more yearning, compulsive and passionate than the discipline itself. Of late there has been a remarkable upsurge in green branding efforts of companies. Green branding, which is rather motivated by several reasons such as a progressive effect on the company profitability as is the case in IT organizations or it may be inspired by Corporate Social Responsibility............. Brands - and big brands at that - have the financial capability, reach and potential to create awareness toward adopting fabric rather than flex to create their brand collateral. Enter fabric branding solutions. Imagine the backdrops being made with fabric. Flags, stalls, kiosks and canopies all being made with fabric.That is the future. Fabric can help eradicate plastic and flex and help the environment.Think about it. The more bigger brands use fabric, smaller ones will follow suit and soon, it could be the norm. In time this will help evolve the scenario and increasingly, companies will start adopting this as a trend. YOU MAY HAVE SEEN US IN CRICKET STADIUMS ... WE DID THE BRANDING OF ALL STADIUMS FOR IPL IN INDIA WITH FABRIC If you - or someone you know - require any kind of fabric branding solutions, please don't hesitate; call for a support

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