GSM GPRS 3G 4G Modbus TCP RTU Remote Controller


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King Pigeon Hi-Tech.Co.,Ltd is a professional GSM Alarm, GSM SMS Controller Alarm, GSM GPRS 3G M2M, GSM GPRS 3G RTU Automation, GSM GPRS 3G Telemetry Data Logger, GSM 3G Senior... (Read More)

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Name: GSM GPRS 3G 4G Modbus TCP RTU Remote Controller


Data Logger,Telemetry Automation Controller,PLC,GSM Pluse Counter,Counting Unit,RTU, GPRS RTU, RTU Automation, GPRS 3G 4G RTU Automation, M2M, GPRS M2M, telemetry , GPRS 3G 4G Telemetry, wireless telemetry, modbus gateway, ModBus RTU TCP Gateway, Modbus RTU SMS Voice Alarm, GSM Modbus RTU SMS Alarm, Remote Control, GSM Alarm.

The King Pigeon S2XX Serial GSM GPRS 3G 4G Remote Controller equipped Siemens MC55i quad band GSM Module inside to make it is industrial class reliability, is a low cost, wireless M2M, wireless data logger, universal GSM GPRS Engine which can remote control outputs, transmit and receive analog, digital and pulse counter data, PLC, Varity metering equipments to any device connected to the Wireless GSM GPRS network such as mobile phones, Web Sites, monitoring center, control room, SCADA, etc.


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