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Peptide mapping

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Peptide mapping is a widely used approach for analyzing biopharmaceuticals, including antibody, protein and peptides. The common peptide mapping process only uses trypsin for protein digestion, and the average coverage rate of identified protein is about 60%. In order to obtain the full sequence information of the targeted protein, MtoZ Biolabs uses up to 6 kinds of proteases for protein digestion (Trypsin, Chymotrypsin, Asp N, Glu C, Lys C and Lys N). After protein digestion, sequences of peptide are mapped for full length sequence of biopharmaceuticals. MtoZ Biolabs has also developed LC MS MS based peptide mapping technology, ensuring accurate peptide mapping analysis. This technology can be used to analyze the sequence of biopharmaceuticals and confirm complete expression of recombinant protein. With well established technology and professional expertise, we can guarantee 100% peptide coverage and accurate data analysis.


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