Reliable 6 Star Energy Rating and Assessment Service

Reliable 6 Star Energy Rating and Assessment Service


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NATHERS provides Thermal Performance certificates for your new buildings and extensions required by statutory authorities that’s necessary to obtain a building permit. We... (Read More)

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Nationwide Home Energy Rating Service NATHERS provides high quality and competitively priced building energy efficiency rating and consultation services to home owners. If you’re planning on building or renovating, you will need permission from the state building authority, and for residential purpose you will require 6 Star Energy Rating. In order to meet the requirements put forward, you need to demonstrate in your plans through proper energy assessments, that the proposed building meets the residential energy efficiency rating. With growing concerns about climate change and the well-being of the environment in general, the building authority has rightfully taken action to ensure all new homes are highly energy efficient and have water saving features. The upside of this is not only that society will be better off as a whole, but it also means reduce costs to homeowners in the long-run.


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