Heating and Cooling System Services

Heating and Cooling System Services


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Since its inception in 2002, Service It Australia has specialised in maintenance and services of evaporative coolers, home heaters and hot water systems. With quick turnaround... (Read More)

Service Description

Service It Australia is your one stop destination for all your heating and cooling system needs. We can repair and service home heaters, evaporative coolers and hot water systems in the most efficient and precise manner.

Our technicians are trained to undertake a thorough diagnosis of the faulty system and advice you with the best possible solutions.

Our Services

- Carbon monoxide testing

- Service and maintenance of heating and cooling systems

- Heater repair services

Why choose us?

- Highly trained and licensed technicians

- In-depth industry knowledge of all the components

- Genuine and branded spare parts

- We strictly adhere to the Australian standard AS NZS 5601

- Environmentally friendly approach

If you are looking for a prompt, professional and reliable heating and cooling systems repairs and service in Melbourne, Contact us now.


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