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HY Universal Series

Application: This series of automatic reel screen printing machine is mainly used in: PET, BOPP film, flexible circuit board, electronics, membrane switch, self-adhesive paper, packaging and printing industries.

HY-D56 Double-sided Dust Removal Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Description: A fully automatic printing line that replaces the flat-lift semi-automatic printing press. Printing materials on the front and back of the dust removal static; camera plus display to assist the installation of the screen version alignment, novice can also be installed once accurately; PLC touch screen control, easy to learn; can use the original Shengping semi automatic screen version, reducing new investment.

HY-Z57 Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Description: The new model of the hinged semi automatic screen printing machine realizes automatic feeding, automatic alignment, automatic printing and automatic screen printing of automatic reclaiming; Chinese human-machine interface is simple and easy to learn, which not only reduces labor intensity and For the technical requirements of the operator, the machine positioning replaces the manual to improve the printing stability; the automatic machine saves the labor advantage and the semi-automatic machine small batch flexibility; the original semi-automatic screen version is used to reduce the cost of replacement.

HY-H56 Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Description: A new type of machine that replaces the semi automatic screen printing machine realizes automatic feeding, automatic alignment, automatic printing, automatic screen printing with automatic feeding; touch screen control, easy to learn, reducing labor intensity and operation The technical requirements of the machine allow the machine to guarantee the printing speed and precision, and achieve a more stable printing effect; it has the advantages of automatic labor saving and the flexibility of semi-automatic small batch; the original semi-automatic machine screen version can be continued to reduce the cost investment. Suitable for transfer paper, membrane switch, packaging, signage and other industries

HY-B Semi-Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine

Application: This series of flat screen printing machines are widely used in the precision screen printing of plastic materials, paper and other flat materials such as transfer paper, rubber vulcanized paper, ceramic decals, packaging, advertising and other industries. It is also suitable for high-speed precision printing of various circuit boards, membrane switches and other products. Advantages: The electrical system uses imported products, which are reliable and durable; PLC, touch screen control, easy to operate. Automatic fault diagnosis and prompting function; When the count reaches the set requirement, it will stop in time and automatically prompt; Inverter stepless speed regulation, free printing adjustment; The screen version has support positioning on the top, bottom, left and right during printing, and the printing overprinting precision is high; Stainless steel composite platform, and the position can be fine-tuned, the version is fast and accurate; Automatic synchronization off-grid, height can be adjusted freely, improve printing accuracy; Safety bar protection system with large protection range to ensure personal safety; The pneumatic head is opened and closed, the printing pressure is stable, and the printing quality is improved.