About Our Company

S.R. VALKENBURG BEHEER B.V. is a Dutch company based in Rotterdam, specialized in the selection, distribution and export of Brands such as Nestle, Heinz, Mars, Barilla, Ferrero, Van Melle, Ritter Sport, Coca Cola, De Cecco, Masterfoods, only to mention the main ones. (As for non-food items, we have good opportunities with P&G, Nivea, and more)
Our company deals in special distribution channels such as chandlers, border shops, duty free outlets, military canteens and so on.

We have been operating successfully on the exceptionally competitive sales market for more than 6 years owing to our ability to develop and adjust to ever-changing trends.

We create availability and sales of a wide range of products of leading producers in the food and beverage market as well as nonfood products.

We are one of the largest players in our field of activity.
We execute numerous trading contracts as a worldwide supplier from the Netherlands.
We are developing dynamically our export sales.
We are a big distributor and supplier leading a wide range of activities and we aim to satisfy the needs of our Clients and Consumers. We provide wholesale and sub -wholesale as well as tender sales.

We have clients in Italy and Spain, who cover the Mediterranean area, clients in Denmark and Sweden who work in North-Europe, a client in Dubai who works with Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and some African countries and one in Slovenia who deals with all the former Russian countries like Belarussia and Ukraine.

Our business partners have indeed no direct contact with Principals, because they are not able to order volumes that are necessary to have relations with official distributors.
For this reason, we supply them with mixed loads composed of different brands.

If you have a particular brand or product that you're interested in, being food or
nonfood product, contact us and we'll do our best to satisfy your needs.

Fact Sheet

  • Legal owner name

    Legal Owner Name

    Valkenburg Simon Robin Geboort
  • Year of Establishment

    Year of Establishment

  • Annual Sales

    Annual Sales

    10000000 EUR
  • No. of Employees

    No. of Employees

    10 - 50 employees