Respected Sir/ Madam, We have come to know that you are interested in the import of items cited above. We introduce ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of the same. We are in a comfortable position to meet the requirements of our customers. We are already supplying our goods in many countries to the best possible satisfaction of our buyers. We look forward to receive an early favorable reply from you and wish to be in a prosperous future cooperation. MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER OF :- * FORENSIC MODELS & CHARTS * FARMACY / AURVADIC MODEL & CHARTS * DRUG CHARTS * HUMAN SKELETONS MODELS * MANIKINS, MODELS FOR DEMONSTRATING NURSING AND MEDICAL PROCEDURES * HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY * COMMUNITY HEALTH LAB MODELS & CHARTS * ZOOLOGY MODELS & CHARTS * BOTANY MODELS & CHARTS * MICROBIOLOGY MODELS * NURSING MODELS & CHARTS * OVENS * INCUBATORS * BATHS * DISTILATION STILLS * FURNACE * HEATING MANTELS * HOT PLATES SHAKING MACHINES * GENERAL EQUIPMENTS * AUTOCLAVES * SEED GERMINATOR / ENVIRONMENTAL EQUIPMENTS * LAMINAR, FUME HOOD AND BIO SAFETY CABINETS * PHARMACEUTICAL / PHARMACOLOGY MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER OF :- MADE FORM BOROSILICATE GLASS LABORATORY GLASSWARE * BURRET WITH ROTAFLOW STOPCORK * BURRET WITH GLASS STOPCORK * CONICAL FLASK * R.B. FLASKS * F.B. FLASKS * VOLUMATRIC A1 FLASKS WITH HOLLOW STOPPER WITH SOLID STOPPER * VOLUMATIC PIPPET * GRADUATED PIPPET * LODINE FLASK * B.O.D. BOTTELS * REAGENT BOTTLES * OMBER COLOR * SEPRATING FUNNELS WITH ROTAFLOW STOPCORK WITH SOLID STOPCORK * MEASURING CYLINDER GRADUATED * GLASS FUNNEL * BEAKER WITH SPOUT GRADUATED * S.G. BOTTLES * NESLER CYLINDER * KIPPS APPARATUS * WOULF BOTTLES * RETORT V.M. PIPET N/G * BURRETAS N/G STUDENT SCIENTIFIC ssi Dissecting Microscope ssi Student Medical Microscope For Educational Purpose ssi Student Monocular Microscope for Educational Purpose ssi Research Binocular Microscope ssi Research Trinocular Microscope ssi Universal Research Microscope ssi Stereo Zoom Microscope ssi Pathalogical Microscopes ssi Binocular Pathological Microscope ssi Research Binocular Microscopes ssi Stereozoom Microscopes ssi Advanced Microscopes ssi Projection Microscope ssi Physics Instruments ssi Metallurgical Microscopes ssi Microscopy Accessories ssi Polarizing Binocular Microscope ssi Binocular Stereo Microscope STUDENT SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIES WORKSHOP : 57, PRAGATI VIHAR, B.D. FLOUR MILL, AMBALA CANTT 133 001 (HARYANA) OFFICE : 68, PATEL NAGAR, AMBALA CANTT - 133 001 (HARYANA) PH.:- 0171-2690068, MB.: 89507-70974, 98960-33015, 72061-25054 E-MAIL.:-, Website : WORKSHOP: 57, PARGATI VIHAR, B.D. FLOUR MILL, AMBALA CANTT - 133 001 (HARYANA)

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