We, SUN-WAVE Co., Ltd. are manufacturing LED packages applied to electronic, automotive, CCTV, skin therapy, lighting and sterilizing products such as Dome type LED Lamp, super Flux, Small size chip LED and SMD LED. Also, we have recently develop and produced "Open Type LED Sterilizer harmless to the human body", a new paradigm to UV sterilizers. Furthermore, we are trying our best to create more various products. As the social interests and concerns on infections caused by bacteria are increasing, the needs and demands of consumers are sharply growing. The existing UV sterilizers can sanitize in a short time using strong UV rays, but they are strongly regulated to be used in enclosed areas due to the harmful wavelength that affects the human body. Therefore, the price is high and the volume is big. For these reasons, SUN-WAVE Co., Ltd. has develop and manufactured a new concept product that is more practical and it can be used in open areas because of the application of long wavelengths(over 400nm) that are harmless to the human body. With our LED sterilizing devices, it is possible to sterilize items in the most safe and convenient way.

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