SS 303 Round Bar

SS 303 Round Bar
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10 Aug 2015
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We are into the business of manufacturing, exporting, trading and supplying a wide range of Stainless Steel 303 Round Bar. Our bars are widely appreciated by the customers for their optimum quality, durability and many other features. Our range is made using supreme grade raw material that makes them durable. We have reasonably priced our range. 303 stainless steel round bar has a lower corrosion resistance, formability and weldability than 304. However, it has optimum machinability among the stainless steels. It should not be exposed to marine environments, because this will result in rapid pitting and corrosion. Uses include nuts, bolts and aircraft fittings/gears. 303 UNS 30300 stainless steel bars were developed for machining. Type 303 has a higher concentration of sulfur reducing the drag on cutting tools. It allows greater machining speeds and lower production costs. The alloy is useful whenever a need arises for good corrosion resistance and considerable machining is required.

Available shapes: Hexes, Rounds, Squares

Specifications: ASTM A582, AMS 5640, AMS QQ-S-764B Cond A

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+ Technical Information

This material meets the following specs: AMS 5640, ASTM A582, QQ-S 764

+ Mechanical Properties

Electrical Resistivity: 72 min

Electrical Resistivity: 116 min

Magnetic Permeability: 1.02 min

Max Operating Temp °F: 1400

Max Operating Temp °F: 1700

Brinell Hardness: 160 min

Elongation % in 2 inches: 50 min

Impact Values - Izod -ft-lb: 60 min

Modulus of Elasticity lb/in^2 x 10^6: 29 min

Reduction in Area % min: 55 min

Rockwell Hardness B Scale: 80 min

Ultimate KSI: 90 min

Yield KSI: 35 min

Density lb/in^3: 0.287

Mean Coefficient of Expansion in/in/°F x 10^6: 9.2 min

Mean Coefficient of Expansion in/in/°F x 10^6: 11 min

Melting Point °F: 2550 min

Specific Heat BTU/°F/lb 32-212F : 0.12 min

Thermal Conductivitiy BTU/ft^2/hr/°F/ft: 9.4 min

Thermal Conductivity BTU/ft^2/hr/°F/ft: 12.4 min

+ Chemical Information

C: 0.15 max

Cr: 18

Fe: 69

Mn: 2 max

Mo: 0.6 max

Ni: 9

P: 0.2 max

S: 0.15 max

Si: 1 max