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Karnataka Sona Masoori

Sona Masoori is of premium quality which is used in Local and exporting at regular intervals

Fresh Coconut

We are having fresh coconut from our own farm which is of higher quality for export purposes. Every month we can supply 50,000 no.

Brown Rice

Brown rice which is most preferred rice for Diabetic and old people which ensures healthy

Karnataka Steam Rice 25kg

A Quality Steam Rice which is having much aroma while cooking and being softer when touching and its suits for all catering needs.

Idly Rice

The steamed Indian rice cake Idli is prepared from this variety of rice. The raw rice is bigger than the Deluxe Ponni. It is a little starchy in nature. The rice has a very different flavour.

Kalsur Ponni Rice 25kg

This variety of rice is cultivated in the SOUTH INDIA with the same procedure as sona paddy but as the name signifies which is in somewhat big size when comparing with Suriya Deluxe Ponni rices which will be useful for budget looking people.

White Deluxe Ponni Rice 25kg

White Ponni is the much sought after variety in Southern India. The farmers of Thanjavur have contributed a lion share in the production of white ponni. The cultivation is meticulously monitored with the use of organic fertilizers coupled with time-tested techniques. The aesthetics and the texture are an added plus for this variety.

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