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polyster film automatic form

polyster film automatic form -forming process machine used for busbar trunking system used for busbar mylar bending

automatic inspection line for busbar positioned and high voltage withstanding

automatic inspection line for busbar positioned and high voltage withstanding Supply range and service 1) One set of automatic patching machine and one set of automatic inspection instrument. 2) One set of busbar automatic inspection electrical control system. 3) One set of technical Data including installation, commissioning, use, maintenance and operation. 4) Equipment operation manuals. 5) Equipment electrical schematics.

Hydraulic machine for punching, pressing, bending.hydraulic booster for copper

Key Specifications/Special Features: Gas-hydraulic booster ● Used for punching the copper bar ● One-time forming to make sure of the accuracy ● Custom and warranty available

riveting machine

The riveter is designed and produced independently by Kiande, and can be used in virtually any industry. Automatic feeding Precise localization, low NG rate Pneumatic power Custom available

bus bar trunking system accessibly line

Automatic busbar fabrication machine The automatic busbar fabrication machine is used for busbar production procedures to realize busbar manual assembly, automatic clamping, riveting and moving etc to improve the busbar production level and quality. Application range Our machine can be used on busbar with parameters below: Current rating: 630A~2500A single layer busbar Phase and wire: 3P3W,3P4W,3P5W Busbar type: straight length two-piece type aluminum alloy enclosure, also called H type aluminum profile Busbar length: 1.5m to 6m Busbar socket: single side or double sides As for limitation of the riveting machine, the wide notch of the U type cover plate of busbar profiles shall exceed or be equal to 42mm. Configuration: 1. Mechanical parts: The frame adopts 60 90 aluminum material equipped with rollers for transferring the busbar; Assembly fixture sets up three movable cantilevered clamping mechanism; Busbar end face alignment mechanism uses galvanized steel structure, driven by cylinder; The automatic riveting system has two riveting guns, one set of safe fence in aluminum frame and steel wire net and supporting facility for riveting procedure; 2. Electrical parts: Computer and PLC are the key parts of control system. The network connect the computer and Omron PLC to ethernet protocol. Set the parameter in every riveting part; Set the equipment run speed and manual position; Communicate with barcode scanned machine; Communicate with the riveting machine control system