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Mud Gas Separator

Solid Control Equipment Constant Pressure Drilling Fluid Mud Gas Separator Constant pressure drilling fluid mud gas separator is a specialized equipment used for primary degassing of gas-cutting drilling fluid,it is mainly used to remove big bubbles whose diameter 3mm.  Mud gas separators produced by DC have the advantages of safety and reliability,good treatment effect,long service life ,etc. Constant pressure Anti H2S drilling fluid mud gas separator manufactured by DC adopts high quality material , can effectively prevent the erosion of harmful gas and ensure production safety of man and machine.

Mud Agitator

DC mud agitator is used for the mixing and agitation of drilling fluid, preventing the settlement of solid phase particles in the tank recycling system. Speed reducer combined with explosion-proof motor , which is easy maintenance and suitable for using in wild harsh working conditions. Customers can choose single layer or double layers impellers according to site conditions.Agitator shaft centering guide can be added according to the increase of tank depth. The motor is placed horizontally , convenient for installing ,adjusting and replacing. Adopt worm wheel and worm gear reducer drive , which have the advantages of large transmitted torque,smooth operation, reliable performance,etc. Optional ATEX , IEC and marine explosion-proof certified motors according to customers requirements.

Mud Mixer

Jet Mud Mixer Solid Control Equipment High Quality Jet Mud Mixer Jut mud mixer is a specialized solids control equipment used for configuring and aggravating drilling fluid , thus change the density , viscosity and pH of drilling fluid.  DC uses venturi tube combined with original jet nozzle created a new design of jet mud devices, not only simple in structure, but also have strong feasibility, which can meet the aggravation and configuration of drilling fluid in drilling solid control system from 1500m to 9000m. We can also produce double jet mud mixers according to customers' requirements. Jet mud mixers produced by DC have the advantages of high mixing speed, safe and reliable performance, long service life and ect.

Shear Pump

Shear Pump Solid Control Equipment High Quality Shear Pumps Shear pumps developed by DC have perfect shear and hydration system , which can quickly cut and dilute hydrated polymer. 1Unique mechanical composite seal technology , ensuring no leakage. 2High wear-resistant metallic material impellers and casing will prolong service life.3Impeller structure which accords with the principle of fluid mechanics will increase liquidity .4 Efficient and low shear force will reduce costs.

Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump Solid Control Equipment Solid Control Equipment Centrifugal Pump Centrifugal Pumps are used to supply slurry to desanders and desilters, and at the same time can be kinetic pumps for jet mud mixers. Adopt high wear resistant hard alloy mechanical seal . Adopt imported bearings . Adopt thicker pump cases , whose flow passages are more reasonable , which can reduce turbulence to the minimum. Pump body adopts open structure , which makes the installation, repair and maintenance to be more convenient. Impellers and over-current components all adopt high wear resistant cast iron.