Tecknotrove Systems


Tecknotrove Systems is global leader in training for the Aviation, Automobile, Mining , Defence and Nuclear Industry . Being a industry leader in field of simulation we are responsible and committed to continuous innovation and R&D . We innovate each day, with an aim to design solutions for critical applications in training , assessment, research and product development . Since our incoporation in 2002 we have been designing and developing Advanced Simulators and Virtual Reality Solutions that help our clients become safer, productive and more efficient. In addition to offering standalone simulators , our expertise lies setting up full scale Learning and Development (L&D) centers that include a range of simulation solutions, right from Computer Based Training (CBT) , Virtual Reality Training (VR) , Testing Stations Stand-alone simulators, upto High Fidelity Motion Platform Simulators interlinked to each other . With our wide range of products and customised training solutions, Tecknotrove is the best suited partner to support your needs.

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