Establishment Our company, established with core value Custmer Satisfaction, has started its policy in 2007. Since 2010 we work under the name of Teknik Ofis Mobilya Co. Ltd. Services In addition to a wide range of products we have prepared to optimize working and waiting areas, We offer Total Office Solutions to cover every aspect a turn key commercial project require from Complete Office Furniture to Interior Design and Decoration. Why we ? We understand you first, and then we offer smart solutions for our valued customers making sure of your satisfaction. So in your stressful business life, we lighten your workload on your shoulders, we contribute to your budget saving with our competitive pricing policies on the market in economic terms, in short, we become solution partner that gives you trust and quality service. Vision We want to be an indispensable solution partner in your business life with our service, policies, working style and smart solutions. Who do we address? We address to anyone, institutions or organizations that wants to consider design, quality, ergonomics and economics from the solution partner. We organize your working and hospitality spaces in the scope of business life and we help to reflect your identity in the best way. Technology We try to include any technological infrastructure in our system, for your satisfaction. We are servicing before and after sales with a staff supported by various branch programs and software. With whom we worked ? Our company, which serves to ultimate consumers, from customers. architects to wholesalers, Teknik Ofis Mobilyalari is the solution partner of many well-known companies. Stores and Display we are servicing to our valuable customers With our showrooms in 2 different blocks in MASKO Furniture Center. We bring to our store as many varieties as possible. having a pleasure to provide you a wide range of product choice. Projecting and Presentation We listen and understand you and then we put your ideas into our design technologies doing our best to make real meet your imagination. We visualise all stages of project before actual production, in real formats with our solutions for your dream design or project. As we aim to maximize your satisfaction after production, by minimizing the error tolerance in the project, we strive to reach the goal of providing excellent service to our valuable customers.

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