Thai Rubber Latex Corporation (Thailand) Public Co. Ltd.


Thai Rubber Latex Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of latex concentrate 60%, natural latex, examination latex gloves, disposable latex gloves, rubber threads, and latex pillows. With 9 latex concentrate factories under the company, we are totally committed to supply high quality latex concentrate and skim block to leading rubber product companies worldwide. We also export ribbed smoke sheet, rss3, rss4, and other rubber related products. Word Flex Public Co., Ltd, one of our subsidiary, specializes in manufacturing extruded rubber thread used in textile industry. Our production process is monitored to ensure that our products meet the most stringent international standards. The proximity of our production facilities to rubber plantations assures good quality material and uninterrupted supplies. As the world's largest producer of latex concentrate with over 30 years experience and expertise, today we are capable of handling very large volumes even during periods of seasonal shortage. Thai rubber latex corporation's remarkable success over the years can be attributed to our long experience, unparalleled expertise and strategic planning, enabling us to thrive even in the worst economic situation. Our most important asset is our workforce. We value above all the professional operating methods of our management team and well-trained staff.

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