Company Introduction

The Taj Urban Grains was established with the vision of becoming a trustworthy partner of success with its valuable customers. Our motive has always been to benefit our buyers from each shipment. Customer centricity has always been in our DNA. We have developed a much reliable relationship with our customers on the back of our customer centricity and focus on delivering the best in terms of quality, timely services, cost effectiveness and above all our honesty that makes us best in class to choose. We are working to make great business relationships with our buyers each day. We adhere to Benefit Customer-Benefit Yourself philosophy and have strong belief that we can only grow and succeed when our customer will grow and succeed. The Taj Urban Grains are the leading manufacturers & exporters of all kind of food grains and food related commodities based out in the world’s leading food grains producing country India. As we are located in the heart of India and operate from some trailblazer grains producing regions of India Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh thus we are committed to provide our customers the highest quality grains at any time in any quantity. These regions are the homes to thousands of acres of prime grains producing land that makes these regions Grain Capital of India. With easy access to this Grain capital, we are able to supply food grains at very competitive price with best in class services. We feel pride to announce that we are on the path of being the giant supplier of various varieties of high standard food grains and food related commodities from India.We acquire only the highest grade Indian grains for our processing purpose that helps us to produce the best in class grains and to meet the quality standard of our valuable customers. Before sending any grain for processing, the sample of each variety is checked in our lab equipped with latest technology. Our each plant is equipped with the most ultra-modern technology where we are bound to upgrade the processing and control systems constantly to meet the global standards of quality. Our grains are 100% Sorted clean and most hygienically packed without touching hands. Demand of our gluten free food grains in the world is very high due to its quality and health related properties.

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