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Tomato Roller Hook Wire Frames

Tomato Roller Hook Wire Frames
USD 0.40-0.60 Per Pieces
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L/C,T/T,Western Union
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Posted On
25 Oct 2018
Min Order Quantity
240 Pieces
Delivery Time
30 days
Standard cartons

Labor-saving Tomato Roller Hook Wire Frames in lengths of 1300mm and delivered in 240 pcs per carton of 58x39x23cm and 8.4kg. Hot galvanized wire assembly frame designed to supports roller hook twine. Avoids plants crowding and assures accurate height control of lower and lean vine crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers.

Name: Tomato Roller Hook Wire Frames.

Material: Hot Galvanized

Length: 130mm

Package: 240 Pcs per carton

Carton Size: 58x39x23cm

Weight: 8.4kg per carton