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Tomato Roller Hooks

Tomato Roller Hooks
USD 0.60-0.90 Per Pieces
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L/C,T/T,Western Union
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Posted On
25 Oct 2018
Min Order Quantity
240 Pieces
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20 days

Hot Galvanized Tomato Roller Hooks with 18 meters PP raffia twine are sold in 240 pcs per carton in 58x39x23cm. Tomato roller hook support easily hangs vine crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers to protect stems from breakage and make them grow vertically, so you can maximize your growing space, especially small space.

Name: Tomato Roller Hooks.

Material: Hot Galvanized.

Twine Material: PP Raffia.

Twine Length: 18M.

Package: 240 Pcs per carton.

Carton Size: 58x39x23cm.

Weight: 12kg per carton.