Ukranian Rice Systems Group


Ukrainian Rice Systems Group is the group of companies, which cultivates, produces, packs and sells high-quality rice, wheat, barley, corn, chickpea, and sunflower. Annually our company produces up to 15 000 tons of rice, which is cultivated on 3 000 hectares of our own fields in ecologically friendly districts of Kherson region. In 2016 the relative share of paddy rice, produced by Ukrainian Rice Systems Group, constituted 11,31% of the total volume, cultivated in Ukraine. We import rice from Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, paying specific attention to the quality of the product. All imported rice passes double-quality control in our laboratories, and all our products correspond to the GOST standards of Ukraine, don’t contain GMO, pesticides, residues of agrochemicals and other dangerous substances, which is confirmed by necessary hygienic conclusions. Moreover, our company is the leading exporter of Ukrainian rice. Our rice is exported to Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Lebanon, Kyrgyz Republic, and Georgia. In 2016 the share of our company in Ukrainian export constituted 94,26%.

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