WuHu PingAn Rubber Co., Ltd.


Key Hole Fender

Our new keyhole fender can better reduce friction. As a new product, it can be used in large ports, docks, tugs and bridges protection. We are the only company in China to produce keyhole fender fenders at present. My future is committed to provide customers with high quality, fender products with high technical standards, whether it is the new keyhole fender or PU fender, or traditional products, to improve user experience. We have for this kind of simple fender products still holding a very serious attitude, this lack of small fender products can be a good supplement for large fender in detail, and their large fender products perfectly solves the problem of protection of some complex environment of the pier and ship. In view of the diversity of our products, we sincerely hope that customers can still communicate with our design team, we will try our best to help customers save some unnecessary costs, and meet customer's requirement. We sincerely hope that we can provide you with a complete set of products that meet the DPN rubber standard. Thus, the coordination and applicability between different products can be guaranteed fundamentally.

Extruded Fender

Extruded fenders are usually attached with bolts to the structure. They can be made in virtually any length then cut and drilled to suit each application. Pre-curved sections and special sizes are available on request. Extruded fender is a simple but very wide range of fender products that he can use almost anywhere. The purpose of our product design is to hope that he can be used as a versatile product with other fender products. It is small in size and can be used as a filling for many narrow positions, and it can also be used as a docking point for small ships. We combine this product with other products from the DPN rubber fender to provide customers with integrated solutions for complex environment such as product design and installation. When a customer in a complex environment, we can design according to the specific requirements of supporting customers, through the combination of different products, for customers to design the most appropriate and most cost-effective solutions for customer reference.

W Type Rubber Fender

W fender is one of the most effective dock fenders for sale products at present. This particular design guarantees greater contact area and smaller surface pressure. At the same time, compared with other large fenders, the installation is very simple, and all of them are very popular in the current market. The W fender has been optimized in the past two generations to optimize the detail, make the flatness better, the accuracy higher and the less error. Also, we can design the product size according to the customer's requirements, and optimize the purchasing content for the customers at the same time. We will communicate with customers according to the existing requirements of customers, and understand the exact needs of customers, so as to better provide customers with their products, reduce unnecessary cost expenditures. At the same time, the production time, we through the introduction of automated equipment, optimizing the production process, at the same time to improve the quality of the overall production efficiency by 70%, greatly reducing the delivery time, save a lot of time for customers.

D Type Rubber Fender

The D fender is one of the most commonly used fenders on the market. It is suitable for wharf and ship side. We improved on the previous generation of D fenders, and rated, compression, deflection, reaction, force, energy, absorption all exceeded design standards so that they have better applicability and durability. At present, d type rubber fender has been developed in various models, including D200 series, D300 series, D400 series and D500 series. At the same time, we can also make customized production according to the size of the customer's drawings.

DO Type Rubber Fender

The DO rubber fender is an important member of our marine rubber fender system, and it is also the interested product of our clients, all these years, we have exported this kind of product to the Euro market a lot of times. DO type fender is the improved generation of D type fender, it can be fixed with double line anchors which greatly increase the installation stability, it also can be integrated into other fender systems to reach the purpose of protecting the ships and docks.