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W Type Rubber Fender

W Type Rubber Fender
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06 Feb 2018
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W fender is one of the most effective dock fenders for sale products at present. This particular design guarantees greater contact area and smaller surface pressure. At the same time, compared with other large fenders, the installation is very simple, and all of them are very popular in the current market. The W fender has been optimized in the past two generations to optimize the detail, make the flatness better, the accuracy higher and the less error.

Also, we can design the product size according to the customer's requirements, and optimize the purchasing content for the customers at the same time. We will communicate with customers according to the existing requirements of customers, and understand the exact needs of customers, so as to better provide customers with their products, reduce unnecessary cost expenditures. At the same time, the production time, we through the introduction of automated equipment, optimizing the production process, at the same time to improve the quality of the overall production efficiency by 70%, greatly reducing the delivery time, save a lot of time for customers.