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Key Hole Fender

Key Hole Fender
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20 Mar 2018
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Our new keyhole fender can better reduce friction. As a new product, it can be used in large ports, docks, tugs and bridges protection. We are the only company in China to produce keyhole fender fenders at present. My future is committed to provide customers with high quality, fender products with high technical standards, whether it is the new keyhole fender or PU fender, or traditional products, to improve user experience.

We have for this kind of simple fender products still holding a very serious attitude, this lack of small fender products can be a good supplement for large fender in detail, and their large fender products perfectly solves the problem of protection of some complex environment of the pier and ship. In view of the diversity of our products, we sincerely hope that customers can still communicate with our design team, we will try our best to help customers save some unnecessary costs, and meet customer's requirement.

We sincerely hope that we can provide you with a complete set of products that meet the DPN rubber standard. Thus, the coordination and applicability between different products can be guaranteed fundamentally.