Youmeone co ltd


YOUMEONE is a specialist of manufacturing natural food and the only manufacturer of machine for whole soybean curd in Korea, providing total - solution for powder type of tofu whole soybean curd . YOUMEONE have produced a variety of natural foods, using 100% domestic ingredients, such as powdered seasoning 10 kinds , wellbeing powdered tea 6 kinds , wellbeing pills 5 kinds , powder type of whole soybean curd, 100% soybean milk, wellbeing kimchi 5 kinds and currently developing cosmetics, medicines by utilizing natural powder. In the field of machinery, we have developed high speed air-jet type of grinder and a full-line up factory type of manufacturing facility, small scale for factory, shop, business, home use of powder type of whole soybean curd, as the only manufacturer of machine for whole soybean curd in Korea. For the customers who have been living a busier life in the 21st century, all staff members of YOUMEONE will strive continuously to provide customers with natural flavor, nutrients with our utmost sincerity and help them live a healthy life as well as enjoy their happiness. Also, we will provide second to none services to our customers and try to contribute to the national and social progress. The company's vision to supply customer's health and wellness foods, pursuit of happiness leading company in the food culture

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