ZAPALSKI HOLDING B.V. is a global dairy supplier, wholesaler and distributors active in the supply of infant formula baby milk powder, drinking UHT milk, various types of milk powders, various cheese, butter,ice cream powders and we are focused in all major dairy producing and consuming markets. We provide excellence services and products across the board for the food industry, in terms of product quality, logistics services, market intelligence and risk management solutions. We are not only focused on shipping vast volumes of baby formula and dairy products but rather, our focus has always been on finding new ways to add vision and value. Within our short existence, we've quickly made connections for supplying on trade accounts with drinks, dairy products, confectionery, tea & coffee and baby's milk, groceries and has rapidly expanded to what it is today. We focus in the supply of infant formula baby milk powder, drinking UHT milk, various types of milk powders, various cheese, butter, ice cream powders, Alcoholic and non alcoholic beers, soft and energy drinks and the brands we dealon include Jacobs, Mars , Red Bull , Carlsberg Group,Aptamil, Nutrilon , Nestle, Nido, Heineken, Milka, Coca Cola, Pepsi,Danone , Karicare,Friso,Cow & Gate,Hipp Bio & Organic,Laboratoire Gallia,Malyutka,Milupa,Nan Nestle,Sgm Danone ,Sma,Wyeth ,Kinder,Kitkat,Lion Candy Bars,Milka,Nesquik Chocolate, Nutella, Snickers, Toblerone, Twix ,Ferrero ,Raffaello, Waffle and many more. We try to add value to our customers’ businesses in everything we do. Our core values reflect our ambition, our mentality and our beliefs. Five simple words, which connect the way we think, act and add. 1.We add vision and value through reliability 2.We add vision and value through commitment 3.We add vision and value by taking involvement 4.We add vision and value through responsibility 5.We add vision and value through our personal relationship We offer the following services at ZAPALSKI HOLDING B.V. 1. Wholesale Trading - Sales & Supplies We team up with both manufacturers, as well as other wholesalers to source the finest, genuine and authentic products from Europe, Oceanic and around the glob. 2. We supply world known brands like Nestle, Nutrilon, Aptamil, COW&GATE, PEAK,Danone,Nido,Bebilon,NAN, HIPP ,FRISO,BEBELAC,CERELAC,DUMEX,SMA, WYETH S-26 and many more. OUR VISION Trust is the foundation on which all great companies are built. When we earn their trust, there is no limit to what we can fir for our stakeholders. OUR MISSION We want to offer both our suppliers and buyers the best service in global dairy. OUR VALUES Ambitious Trustworthy Dynamic Thank you for your interest in ZAPALSKI HOLDING B.V. We are a world-leading wholesaler and distributors of top quality milk and dairy products. In need of any of our services? please Contact Us

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