Zede Jewelry


Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers: Founded with a core mission to make Indian jewelry reach its global footprints, Zede Jewelry is a wholesale jewelry suppliers, wholesale jewelry manufacturers and wholesale jewelry distributors located in Jaipur, India. As Jaipur has its global recognition as the hub of precious jewelry and stones, we chose this city to be a center of our activities from where we reach our clients worldwide with the finest quality jewelry items at most affordable prices. Zede Jewelry has remained one of the prestigious wholesale jewelry suppliers since last 16 years. We are a team of highly enthusiast professionals dedicated towards their core mission – to make it easy for you to find the finest quality jewelry and stone items from India. Check our our top products and merchandise to see what we have for you. We are dedicated to our international clients in supplying them their cherished jewelry items and jewelry manufacturing supplies that are quite exclusive. Also, we are a recognized wholesale jewelry suppliers known for supplying the best quality jewelry belongings at the most affordable prices. With a wide range of jewelry items and precious & semi-precious stones, we are just a click away from you to unleash the finest of Indian sub-continental. We work with wholesale jewelry manufacturers, designers, wholesalers and distributors from across the globe catering to their unique requirements. At Zede Jewelry, we have some great quality items that you will love, and we are open to customize our products as per your requirements. Zede Jewelry are a recognized wholesale jewelry suppliers meeting your exclusive requirements. Want to see what special we have for you? Explore our store now. Or want to know anything about us or what we do? Contact Us today. We will be more than happy to assist you for your queries.

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