Zhejiang Huiqing New Environmental Protection Material Co Ltd.


Zhejiang Huiqing New Environmental Protection Material Co Ltd. is located at China’ Battery Capital-Changxing,  Zhejiang. With the four famous battery enterprises (Johnson, Tianneng, ChilWee, Xupai) located here, Changxing owns powerful battery design, development and testing institutions, which makes it a leader in China and the world’s battery cutting-edge technology. The battery capacity of Changxing accounts for 70% of the Chinese Market. Our company specializes in the supply of battery manufacturing equipment, materials and spare parts. And our clients include the top-three of China’s lead battery enterprises-Tianneng, ChilWee and Xupai. With a strong industrial cluster and extensive cooperation with research institutions, our company can provide cutting-edge lead battery and lithium ion battery manufacturing technology and equipment. Our current business covers lead-acid battery, lithium ion battery, chemical products and sewage treatment technology, materials and equipment. From the production of a battery to the treatment of a drop of sewage in the production process, we can always provide customized resolutions involving raw materials, equipment, technology and pharmaceutical to our clients. By providing this kind of manager-type services, we gain the industry reputation and strength. If you need any materials or equipment for lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, chemical products and sewage treatment, please feel free to contact us.

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