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Bi-directional knife gate valve

FREE-Valve's Bi directional knife gate valves are known as slurry gate valves. Its are bidirectional valve deals with flow in both directions, while offering zero leakage. The u shape peripheral seat design ensures full port flow and non-clogging shutoff.The disc bottom of knife gate valve is made into a blade shape with the purpose to cut some soft materials such as fiber,pulp or wood pulp, and it also serves favorable closing and opening. Features: 1) Knife gate valve is Bi directional,zero leakage,withstanding high differential pressure and full bore valve with minimal seat cavity for maximum flow capacity. 2) No groove is designed on the valve seat,which prevents accumulating media on the sealing surface, and thus avoids sealing surface leakage or disc blockage cause by media accumulation. 3) The integrated body structure with precision casing. 4) U shaped resilient seat is embed into the body and is well connected with the gate,and the friction is reduced during the upward and downward movements of the gate.This greatly prolongs the using life of the seat and realized bi-directional sealing. 5) Replaceable flexible wire reinforced elastomer seat ensures bi-directional zero leakage shutoff. 6) Full port flow path with minimal pressure drop achieved through full port valve design. Application: 1. Mining, coal washing, iron and steel industry used for washing coal pipes, filter slurry pipes, discharging ash pipes, etc. 2. Purification system used for waste water, mud, sewage and water with suspended solids. 3. Paper industry used for any mixture of pulp, material and water of any concentration.

Butt Welded Butterfly Valve

FREE-Valve's Butt Welded Butterfly Valves are triple offset structure and suitable for high temperature , high pressure , corrosion etc. Its are quarter-turn valves which are used for isolating or regulating flow .They are favoured for being lighter in weight, requiring less support and are suitable for water and gas, which makes them useful across industrial, mining and power applications.  Features: 1. Reliable sealing, convenient operation, opening and closing fast. 2. This kind of valve with no flange, which makes pipe elegantly and binding up conveniently. 3. It adopt triple offset elasticity or multiple layers hard sealing configuration, the hermetical capability can reach to reliable sealing performance. 4. The sealing of disc can be replaced by loosening the disc ring bolts, saving the cost of the valve. 5.The ends of valve inlet port and outlet port has the annular boss, which is conducive to the valve and pipe welding heat absorption and diffusion. Application: FREE-Valve’s Butt Welded Butterfly Valves are applied to use in heating system, chemical, petroleum, natural gas, refining, energy, food and the role of regulating valve.

Fully welded ball valve

FREE-Valve's Fully Welded Ball Valve are widely used in almost all the industry .Compared to the general casting ball valve, fully welded ball valve have a highly performance and longer life time . It was widely used in city gas ,city heat supply ,oil chemical industry,ship building ,steel power plant etc . Fully welded ball valve can be reliable run in the long time ,easy to be installed and less maintenance work . Benefits 1.Valve body material is the same as the pipe material,so they will not occur transformation due to unbalanced stress. 2.Face to face dimensions can be made according to customer requirement. 3.Material of valve seat is made up of PTFE 20 degreeC sealing ring and metal sealing ,which can adapt to the change of pressure and temperature , So the leakage will not occur during the pressure and temperature Range. 4.The ball body has a highly machining precision due to the tracking of computer detector, so the ball valve was shut off-shut on conveniently. Application industry: centralized heating, coal gas pipe waste gas treatment system ,heat supply system

Manual Operation Tank Bottom Angle Valve,Manual Operated Y type Flat Bottom Valve,Y TYPE FLUSH BOTTOM VALVE for Soda ash slurry

FREE-Valve's manual operation Tank Bottom Angle Valves are designed for the convenient and fast discharging the material or samples from the bottom of the reactor,drain or feed vessel .The valve can be welded or installed on the vessel through the flange at the bottom of the valve ,tank bottom angle valves are most commonly installed on feeding of vessels or dead space free draining and pipelines. Features 1.This Range of manual control tank bottom angle valve is manufactured in integrated structure. 2.Structures with disc opening into the tank and disc opening into the valve. 3. Available with 45 degree outlet angle in the body. 4.A rotation resistant device is set up to ensure that the valve stem only has straight line motions and no rotation. 5.The protection plate makes for the outstanding erosion resistance and corrosion resistance of the valve body. 6.The sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve disc is made of over laying cemented carbide or painted with tungsten carbide. The auxiliary line sealing guarantee the reliability of the sealing performance. Applications FREE-Valve's Tank Bottom Angle Valves are widely used in the petrochemical industry,alumina industry,steel industry,polymer,mining industry,the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals, and mineral processing indus

Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve,Pneumatic Parallel Sliding Ceramic Gate Valve,Pneumatic Ceramic Balance Gate Valve

FREE-Valve's Pneumatic Ceramic Double Disc Gate Valve is mainly used in feeding and dumping the dry powder and the transport pipeline, which not only adopt toughening ceramic as shut off and wear out resistance material, but also design construction of pressure self-sealing and valve disc auto-rotate, so as to the sealing surface within the dry powder get more wear resistance in process of opening and closing frequently, thereby, which guarantee the high requirements of sealing performance of this valve and long working time. Features: 1. Sealing pair is made of structural ceramics,which have perfect performance to resist wear and flushing. 2. Two-side sealing can realized due to double plate structure of the pneumatic ceramic double disc gate valve. 3. It inserts spring between double valve discs to ensure self-sealing through bi-directional flexible preload pressure of spring, having characteristics of low pressure bi-directional sealing and without dust clogging phenomenon in the process of the opening and closing of valve. 4. The valve has characteristics of good sealing performance, strong abrasion resistant, open and close easily. Applications 1. Power plant ash handling system. 2. Cement industry-dry powders’ conveying and dumping. 3. Dressing works-dry powder materials’ selection and conveying.